A1 Windtalker Pavement Sign

External signage is a powerful advertising tool, with 70% of purchase decisions made in-store, driving customers into the store is vital. Nothing does that better than a high impact external poster display.

  • Attractive styling and top quality.
  • Frame has rounded corners for safety.
  • Frame is spring loaded to add stability in windy conditions.
  • PVC Antiglare poster covers.
  • Double sided 'snap open, snap shut' for quick and easy poster changes.
  • Water or sand fillable base for stability.
  • Built in wheels for easy movement.
            Comes with 2 x FREE posters! 
A1 - 841x594mm1€ 169.00
2€ 309.00
3€ 449.00
4€ 579.00
5€ 669.00

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Total :€ 169.00

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