A4 Booklets

Our booklets are avilable:

  • Printed from 8 - 32 pages
  • With self cover (same weight cover as pages)
  • Or with heavyweight 300gsm gloss cover
  • With two paper weights for inner pages
  • Either 130gsm gloss or 170gsm gloss

Booklets are available on a 5-7 day turnaround only

A4 -297x210mm250€ 289.00
500€ 299.00
1000€ 379.00
2000€ 499.00
5000€ 829.00
10000€ 1,299.00
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Price Calculator


Select how many pages you would like in your booklet.

If you need more than 32 please contact us for a quote.

Select your paper stock from either

  • 130gsm gloss


  • 170gsm gloss

Choose which paper weight you would like for the back & front cover of your booklet.

Self cover - same weight as the inner pages.


Heavyweight 300gsm gloss cover.

Total€ 289.00

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