We have prepared the following guide to help you with the setting up your print ready files.

If you have a specific problem that is not covered in this guide, please feel free to contact us.

Incorrectly prepared files can cause delays in manufacturing.


Quick Checklist


  • Sheet size is set up to match product size including 3mm bleed on each side
  • Resolution is set at 300 dpi
  • Colour mode of your documnent is set to CMYK
  • All important text, images and logos are kept within safety margins
  • Save files as PDFs if possible


File Formats

PDF is our preferred format but we also accept the folowing file types:

        Microsoft word, publlsher & powerpoint files must be saved as PDFs before sending to us for print.

Paper Size & Resolution

You should set up your sheet size to suit the product you intend to have printed.
Document resolution should always be set to 300 dpi for production printing.
Documnets should never be set at 72 dpi this resolution is used for web & screen viewing only.
For example if you are ordering an A5 sized product you must set up your size as 216 x 154mm
This includes your 3mm bleed on each side, your sheet will then be trimmed to 210 x 148mm
Crop marks, registration marks and colour bars are not required.
Take a look at our size guide below.
Paper size guide


  • All documents should be set up with 3mm extra on each side this is know as bleed
  • You should extend your background to the edge of the page including the bleed.
  • All text and important images or logos should be kept at least 5mm away from the final trim size within the safety margin, this will ensure that they are not trimmed off during guilotining.

Business card bleed guide

Colour Setup

All documents should be set up in CMYK mode or converted to before saving final draft for printing.
Patone and spot colurs should also be conerted to CMYK before saving.
If files are sent to us in RGB we shall have to convert them before printing & colour changes may occur.
We do not accept responsibility for colour mis-matches in files not set up correctly.

Example of how colours may change are shown in the image below.
RGB converted to CMYK


     All images should be 300 dpi before placing them in to your document.

        This will avoid blurred or fuzzy images in the final printed piece.

        Images should also be converted to CMYK before placement, giving you the chance to make 
any adjustments to get your desired colour.