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We can be reached by phone on 01 827 8590 from Mon to Sat between 9.30am & 5.00pm

Or by email at:

You can cancel your order anytime up until your order has entered the proccessing stage.

Unfortunately when we have began to proccess your order you will be unable to cancel it.

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You can make changes your order anytime up until your order has entered the proccessing stage.

Unfortunately when we have began to proccess your order you will be unable to make any changes to it.

If you do wish to make chages to your order please email us as soon as possible at:  and we shall endeavour to help you however we can.

Products & Services

We offer an extensive range of printed products and shall be adding more on a frequent basis.

But if you can't find what you need please contact us and we shall try to help as we generally are able to find a solution for most of or customers needs.

We usually can, give us a shout with your details and we will try to help.

The type of paper or card stock used for different purposes is expressed in weight.

So gsm stands for grammes per square metre. 

The weight used for printing letterheads and  stationery is generally between 80 to 120 gsm 

The weight used for flyers and leaflets is usually 130gsm, 170gsm, 200gsm or 250gsm

The weight used for business cards is likely to be either 300gsm, 350gsm, or 400gsm 

Yes, all of our paper and card stocks are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. 

So you can be asuured that your printed matter has been printed responsibly.

Absolutely, if you can't find a template that suits or if you don't fancy creating your own from scratch using the online design studio.

Then please contact us with your needs and one of our design team shall create exactly what you need.

Bespoke design is charged depending on the work involved, but most jobs will range between €25 - €50

We can also design your logo if you are looking for something special.



Artwork & Design

Bleed is the area of your artwork which extends beyond the size of the finished cut document this is usually 3mm on each side.
Bleed is required so that when your printed document is being cut to size on a guillotine, there is some tolerance making sure no white is left on the edge of the page.

If you are uploading your own files to us for print please make sure you extend the background of your artwork by 3mm on each side.

This extra 3mm will be cut off during guillotining. It is also advisable to keep all text and images you don't want trimmed 5mm inside the final size of the page.

If you are designing an A5 (148 x 210mm) document,
set up your page size as 154 x 216mm, extend your background to this size but make sure and keep all important text and images within 143 x 205mm this will ensure that you don't get any white edges on your final print and that all text and images are not cut off.

If your file has been set up in the CMYK colour space then most colours will match what you see on your screen.

There maybe some difference depending on whether you have your monitor callibrated correctly for print evaluation.

If your file has been set up using the RGB colour space then we will have to convert it to CMYK and there will be some difference in colours, see image below.

Your file must be converted to CMYK as these are the colours used in commercial printing. RGB is the colour space used by monitors to render colours.

For more info on how to corrctly set up your file visit our Artwork Guidelines Page.

RGB conversion to CMYK

There are four options for designing and customising a product.

1. Design Online: This option opens our design studio and lets you use multiple tools to create your own design from a blank canvas, you can upload your own logo & images to place within in your design.

2. Upload Design: Selecting this option lets you upload your own print ready file.

3. Browse Designs: Choose this option to view our template selection. You can then choose a template to edit & customise in our design studio to suit your needs.

4. Bespoke Design: We offer a bespoke design service, where we shall create a unique design based on your instructions. This option is not available on the product pages, so please contact us for further info. 

Design Studio

When using the design studio some elements of your design may look pixely or have jagged edges.

This is because you are working on a low-res version which enables the studio to work at higher speeds.

To see a hi-res version of your design click on the preview button at top middle of the studio and a hi-res PDF proof will downloaded to your computer.

You can then get a better look of your design will be printed.

Uploading my own files

Our preferred file format is hi-res PDF.

We also accept the following formats: JPEG, TIFF, PSD, AI, PNG and EPS, these files may add to production as they will have to be checked and converted before printing.

Please ensure all files are hi-res (300dpi)

You can use Micosoft word or Publisher to creat your design.

But please save them as PDFs before uploading them to us.

This is because there are variations in software versions which will affect the layout of your work when opend in a different version or platform, for example spacing, sizing and positioning.

All print files should set up at 300 dpi.

When setting up your sheet please check that it is set to 300 dpi which is the required value for production quality printing - not 72 dpi which is the value used for web & monitor display.


All orders are sent via courier, on a next day service, please be advised that this delivery day is not included in your turnaround time.

You will be supplied with a tracking number if you have selected our express service.


You can pay securely online using your debit or credit card, or you can call us to make payment over the phone.

We can also take payment by cheque or bank transfer, but please note we shall not begin work until payment has cleared.

Yes, all online payments are processed via sagepay's secure payment server.

We never see or store any of your payment details.